Jan 9, 2022
Jan 9, 2022

Flow Network Community Podcast


Welcome to our Free LIVE Roundtable for the Flow Content Creation get on Video and Raise the Vibration Video challenge.

We believe when we share our story and vision we can transform communities.

Video has never been a more important medium for our business, creative projects or missions. It allows us to build trust and deeper connections prior to (if ever) meeting in person!

In working with people to get on video over the past 25 years, the biggest barrier that is the most easiest to resolve is - just not knowing what to say.

WE have created a framework to completely remove that barrier.

Join us this week as we discuss the topic for this week's video challenge!

Upload a video or go Live in @FlowNetworkCommunity Facebook Group talking about what values have changed for you as a result of the pandemic and lockdowns.

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